Baba David Bok shares the many panton composed by Baba Chan Eng Thai for the Chitty Melaka community. 1. PANTON SAMBOTAN Composed on 19 January 2008 to mark the formation of the Peranakan Indian (Chitty Melaka) Association. *The late BabaRead More →

CHEE YAM CHUAN (CHEE SWEE CHENG’S GRANDFATHER) by Baba Ronney Tan Koon Siang Baba Chee Yam Chuan was among an elite group of merchants called “the Malacca Chinese”. They were already successful businessmen and traders – entrepreneurial and adaptable. TheyRead More →

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Listen to these joyous Indian Peranakan melodies. These Chitty Melaka songs are an interesting fusion of Indian, Malay and Chinese musical influences. SURI RAM This is a lullaby for children. It is a Malay version a well-known Indonesian song. RamRead More →

EXCLUSIVE TO THE PERANAKAN magazine Here’s a first look at some historical photos that will be added to Amek Gambar during the exhibit rotation in October 2018. Don’t miss this fascinating exhibition on Peranakans and photography at The Peranakan Museum.Read More →

EXCLUSIVE TO THE PERANAKAN magazine Listen to this rare recording of a dondang sayang performance by Nyonya Daisy Chan, Baba William Tan (the famous female impersonator) and Inche Geok. This half-hour performance, sung in Baba Malay, was recorded in 1957Read More →