THE PERANAKAN is an award-winning magazine published twice a year by The Peranakan Association of Singapore (TPAS), established in 1900. The magazine is a non-profit publication packed with insightful heritage and lifestyle features, valuable information, learning opportunities and other relevant topics which keep our readers in touch with the rich Peranakan culture.

The magazine has an easy-to-read, attractive, full-colour format which encourages all who receive it to read it cover to cover.

Its aim is to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of Peranakans in Singapore and worldwide. It is the only print magazine published within the Federation of Peranakan Associations (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia).

In 2018, THE PERANAKAN clinched the Special Interest Media of the Year Award at the Media Publishers Association Singapore Awards.

The magazine is distributed to association members as well as various international clubs, National Heritage Board museums, Singapore Tourism Board visitor centres, the National University of Singapore, the National Library and various other points of interest.

THE PERANAKAN is often kept as a collector’s item and is a must-have resource for all things Peranakan. It is read by a wide range of people including antique collectors, museum curators and docents, media professionals, foodies, expatriates, tourists and researchers.

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Editor Dawn Marie Lee
Assistant Editor Emeric Lau
Editorial Adviser Linda Chee
Creative Adviser John Lee
Editorial Committee Members Colin Chee, Bryan Tan, Victoria Chanel Lee, Natalie Cheah
Webmaster Victoria Chanel Lee
Technology Adviser Josephine Tan

THE PERANAKAN is published by The Peranakan Association Singapore, Raffles City PO Box 1640, Singapore 911755.

All reasonable efforts have been made to identify and contact copyright holders but in some cases these could not be traced. If you hold or administer rights for materials published here, please contact the publishers. Any errors or omissions will be corrected in subsequent editions.

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